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Why we use Bamboo Rayon and Merino Wool in our Baby Sleep Products

Why we use Bamboo and Merino Wool in our Baby Sleep Products - Ry & Pen

From softness to performance, sustainability and durability – both bamboo and merino wool fabrics are amongst the best possible choices for baby clothes. 


Simply put, bamboo is a remarkable, highly versatile natural resource. It's quickly become one of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the world for all kinds of apparel. Merino wool, like bamboo, is an eco-friendly and sustainable material that packs a powerful punch when it comes to regulating temperature in hot and cold weather, while being super soft and thin in the process.

We're proud to use bamboo rayon and merino wool in our custom-made Ry & Pen baby sleepwear products for your little ones. Not only are they environmentally-friendly, but they also happen to be some of the most premium and high quality fabrics you can find for baby clothes.


Why we love bamboo

Bamboo is Soft, Silky Luxury.

You'll know it when you feel it. Soft, silky and cool to the touch - it pretty much feels like you're wearing a cloud.

Bamboo is UV Protective.

Its inherent UV protective properties help protect the little ones you love from the sun's rays.

Bamboo is Hypoallergenic.

The eco-friendly bamboo fibres do not irritate the skin and is far gentler than other man-made fabrics. Being an all-natural and organic product, it's a great solution for those with sensitive skin so it's extra gentle on your loved ones.

Bamboo is Long-Lasting.

Unlike many other 'traditional' fabrics you'll find with big box store value brands, bamboo is stronger, has better moisture-wicking properties and is far more resilient for long-term wear and tear. 

You'll be passing your Ry & Pen bamboo clothing on from one generation to the next.

Bamboo is Breathable and Thermal-Regulating.

One of the most well-known and loved aspects of bamboo clothing is the fact that it helps regulate temperature better than almost any other fabric. Whatever the weather - your little ones will stay cool (in the heat) and warm (in the cold). Get ready for it to wick away sweat on demand. 

Bamboo is a great eco-friendly cotton with tremendous benefits in clothing 

Bamboo is Eco-friendly.

Because bamboo doesn't require any chemicals whatsoever, and demands very little water to grow, it's an environmental wonderplant.

Bamboo absorbs more carbon dioxide from the air than both cotton and timber. It also releases more oxygen into the environment, improving the quality of the air around us.

On the other hand, traditional cotton farming requires extensive irrigation and chemicals. In fact, a single cotton t-shirt can use up to 2,500 litres of water in the growing process.

Bamboo is Sustainable.

As one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, bamboo can replenish itself within a year and some species grow a whopping 120 centimetres per day.

It's naturally prolific and resilient, not needing fertilizers to boost its growth - nor does it need pesticides given its natural ability to fend off pests. 

Cotton on the other hand, needs to be replanted every harvest and requires extensive spraying with a variety of chemicals, as well as constant watering to achieve its optimal growth ability.

Bamboo is Biodegradable.

One of the most impressive things about the bamboo plant is its 100% natural and biodegradable nature.

At the end of its life, any product made from bamboo will return to the earth with minimal environmental impact.

Products like traditional cotton or plastics for example, will clog up the ecosystem for many years - often spanning across many generation's worth of lifetimes.

So - we love the fact that we leave a positive footprint on this beautiful land with our line of Ry & Pen products.


Why we love merino wool

While bamboo fibres get the majority of love across the baby clothing industry, merino wool happens to be an amazingly soft, durable, odour-neutralizing super material that deserves to be just as popular as bamboo rayon. 

Although it’s a scarcer resource and therefore more expensive for manufacturers and consumers alike, the benefits of merino wool in baby clothing – like our sleep sacks and footies – are immense.

Merino Wool is Silky Soft & Lightweight. 

Unlike other types of wool or synthetic fibres, merino wool is incredibly soft, smooth and extra light - making it one of the most premium materials you can use to create high-performance garments.

Merino Wool Neutralizes Unwanted Odours. 

Merino wool repels bacteria thanks to its unique fibres with scaled surfaces. This helps make it difficult for yucky and unwanted odours to form.

Merino Wool is Moisture-Regulating.

When merino wool is wet or sweaty, it still keeps you nice and warm. This is all thanks to its unique exothermic properties.

Merino Wool Helps Regulate Temperature.

Merino wool is comfy and cozy regardless of temperature. It never feels too bulky or stuff, even when it's warm outside. This is all because of the tiny air chambers between the individual wool fibres.

Merino Wool is Sustainable.

Depending on the breed, merino sheep are shorn 1 to 2 times a year, so they can grow a new coat. All that is needed for these natural fibres to grow is water, fresh air, sun and yummy grass. Just the basic, natural stuff from Mother Nature!


All in all - whether it's for a baby shower gift for a friend or family member, or to spoil your own little one, our line of bamboo and merino wool baby sleep sacks and sleepers are an amazing choice.

Plus, being Canadian-made - you'd be supporting local businesses right here in Canada, too!

Baby girls. Baby boys. Any baby, every baby. It's always cozier, softer, snugglier and happier in bamboo and merino wool!

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