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Important 0.5 TOG Sleep Bag & Footie Restock Info

0.5 TOG Sleep Bag Sizing & Shipping Info

Here's some important info to knowbefore you place your order today.


You are getting early access to our new 0.5 TOG sleep bags and footie restock, which will be live about2-3 weeks before we'll be ready to ship all of these items.

Think of this as a 'mini preorder' with a small but not long delay before they ship.

Some items and orders will be ready to ship earlier than others.

For example, we are on track to ship 0.5 TOG sleep bags as early as next week, with the footies following that in the next 2-3 weeks. The footies need a little bit more time as we put the finishing touches on them. So if you order both footies and 0.5 TOG sleep bags, expect your order to ship in full when all products are ready in a couple of weeks.

0.5 TOG sleep bags are available right now in 6-18M and 18-36M sizes.

Our 0-6M sizes had some last minute production hiccups and need a bit more time. We'll release those as soon as they're ready.

**Please plan your size choices accordingly knowing that it may still be a 2-3 weeks before your orders ship, especially for footies.**


Sleep safety for each and every baby is paramount for us. Period. End of story.

You may have seen that some brands had recalls on their sleep bags earlier this year (our Ry & Pen products were not recalled, to be clear!).

While we didn't have any recall concerns with ours, we wanted to take a closer look at our designs to be proactive.

We wanted to do this the right way, so that we could guarantee thebest and safest possible products for your children.

We decided to invest in extensive additional testing against North American and European fit & safety guidelines.

We found a few ways to make our sleep bags even better as a result of those learnings from a sizing perspective.

Compared to our 1.0 TOG sleep bags that you may have previously purchased, you'll see thatour new sizing is a little different.

But this is entirely by design, so we are 100% complaint with the world's most strict safety guidelines:

> ARM HOLES & NECK OPENING:slightly narrower than before
> LENGTH:10-20% shorter than before, depending on size 

Rest assured that this new fit is going to be even better for your little bundle of joy!

As always, if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to let us know!

We're really excited to share these new products with you.

Thanks in advance for your continued interest and support in our family business!

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