Benefits of bamboo rayon and merino wool fabrics for your child

Benefits of bamboo rayon and merino wool fabrics for your child

Your little ones deserve the coziest, most snugly soft, and stretchy clothing – and that’s why we created Ry & Pen

The selection of material is very important when it comes to baby fabrics.

Bamboo and merino wool fabrics are the absolute best for baby apparel because of their softness, durability, and sustainability.

Both materials are highly eco-friendly, and merino wool has an incredible edge in regulating body temperature in both summers and winters.

Even though bamboo is considered eco-friendly and naturally grown, its processes are so wonderful that it is mostly considered human-made fiber.

Merino wool is produced with many simple processes that do not require such a large amount of water, making it a lot eco-friendlier.

Clothing for the little sunshine!

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Benefits of Bamboo Rayon

Bamboo fabrics are soft, silky, and cool to the touch. Truly

Bamboo rayon has UV protective properties which protect your child from harmful sun rays - perfect for those spring or summer walks and adventures!

The fabric is made with natural and organic products hence it is completely non- allergic. Due to this reason, it also does not irritate your child's skin and can help your baby with any sensitivities, like eczema.

Bamboo fabrics are stronger and long-lasting. The most interesting thing about bamboo fabrics is that they help regulate temperature, which means, in warm weather, your child will stay cool and in cold weather, the child will feel warm.

It is also eco-friendly, sustainable, and biodegradable. All these qualities make it the absolute best for baby products.

Benefits of Merino Wool

Just like bamboo fabric, merino wool also has many benefits.

Merino fabrics are amazingly silky, soft, smooth, and very lightweight. It is used to make high-quality garments as it is finer and higher-performing than any other typical wool.

Merino wool dries quickly and regulates the child’s temperature. The fabric is fully odour neutralized and is also repels bacteria.

That is why no unwanted odour or smells are happening here! Merino fabric has exothermic properties, and when the fabric is wet, it still keeps the child warm.

Even more interestingly, merino wool has small air chambers, which help it not get too bulky when warm and keeps it breathable. Merino wool, due to its amazing qualities, allows your baby to move freely due to its elasticity and fineness.

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